Nutritious Diet Breakfast Recipes Under 200 Calories

If you're struggling, like me, to lose weight, you know how long the process can be and how boring eating starts to get. Low fat food, low salt condiments, low calorie bread, blah entrees--there's only so much cheer you can pack in a diet meal. How about some diet recipes under 200 calories to wake up your tired taste buds? Here are yummy, nutritious breakfast sandwiches that bring back the joie de vivre!  Read more

Christmas Dinner Tweaks to Help Overweight Kids

The holiday season is notoriously the most difficult time to be on a diet. I can follow my weight loss plan just fine until mid-November. When the stores start touting Thanksgiving and Christmas treats, my resolution dims. For overweight kids, the holidays are especially difficult to navigate. Here are Thanksgiving dinner tweaks to help your child stay the course and still enjoy the feasting. read more

Recipes for Dutch Cookies for St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6 in the Netherlands. During Advent, my family explores Catholic Christmas around the world. With my retinue of Dutch ancestors, I've inherited many recipes from the Netherlands. For Hollanders, Christmas means koekjes (cookies) and sweets (well, every day is sweets day!) Here are my favorite Dutch cookies recipes. Hollanders don't just have one sweet tooth; every tooth in our head is a sweet tooth. When sugar was rationed during World War Two, it was the Dutch who discovered new and wonderful sugarless sweets. Score, us! Sugar isn't rationed anymore, so now we can indulge and the holidays are a perfect time to bring out those koekje (cookie) recipes. Use these for St. Nick Day and next week, St. Lucia Day (Dec. 13). Enjoy these on through epiphany! read more

Five Foods That Showcase Metro Detroit's Diversity

The "D" in Detroit stands for diversity. Detroit arguably offers the most quirky, fun ethnic mix of any city in the U.S. Of course, I'm a little biased, being from Michigan. But for all the flak Detroit gets for high crime rate, its important to balance the negativity by bragging up the perks. The city boasts regional pocket communities from around the globe. And where best to experience this cultural eclecticism but in food? Here's a collection of local dishes enjoyed in different burbs in this gloriously varied city. From city chicken in Rochester, Mich., to salmon eggs and grits at downtown soul food eateries, from middle Eastern baba ghanouj to Jewish gefilte fish, Detroit has it all! read on

"Jerusalem: A Cookbook" Celebrates Diversity, Shares Passions

I love to cook, and it particular to experiment with different ethnic foods. I like to recreate the dishes we sample from different cuisines. I try to tie in not just the ingredients and cooking styles themselves, but the entire milieu in which they developed. Here's a great cookbook for exploring the varied cultures in Jerusalem, written by men from two sides of the city: Jewish and Muslim. This book would make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift.   "Jerusalem: A Cookbook" Review

Feeding the obese child: Food switches to improve nutrition

In 25 years of teaching, I've noticed more kids tending toward obesity. I'm not talking about chubby kids who'll slim down in puberty, but those who are way overweight and getting fatter. What can we as parents do about it? Growing kids have to eat, right? Yes, but we can control what they eat. Obese kids are typically malnourished, not from eating too little but from eating the wrong things. Here are healthier food switches for kids' favorites.  Feeding the obese child: Food switches to improve nutrition

Mealtime cheats, shortcuts for crazy-busy parents

With two of my four kids out of the house, life has slowed down a little. But when everyone was home and I was homeschooling, our lives were crazy-busy, 24-7. To stay (relatively) sane, I relied on several corner-cutting tricks. One the biggest drains on time is meal preparation. I need meals that can be ready in 20 minutes or less. I Here are my best mealtime cheats and food preparation shortcuts.  Mealtime cheats, shortcuts for crazy-busy parents

Easy Vegetarian Super-Food Recipes Using Winter Squash

I love fall produce shopping. The glorious riot of vegetable colors is a feast for the eyes. And bold colors in vegetables equates to nutrient-packed super-foods. But pragmatically speaking, what do you do with those funny-looking fall squashes? Here are quick, delicious vegetarian recipes that capitalize on winter squash harvest goodness. Even picky eaters will love them! Easy Vegetarian Super-Food Recipes Using Winter Squash

What parents should know about childhood obesity

For a society that values tolerance, there's one population we're not very nice to--fat people. We treat fat kids especially badly. We rail against bullying, but then we shame overweight kids and guilt parents for letting kids get fat. While obesity is problematic, every fat kid may not be overweight. Here are things parents need to know about fat kids and weight loss. It's about feeding kids right, not "dieting". Up the fresh vegetables and water, down junk food and processed food. And exercise, outdoor play and fitness. The role of exercise cannot be overstated. Read on What parents should know about childhood obesity 

Quick Cook Kid Pleasing Summer Vegetable Soup Recipes

In summer heat, our appetites and cooking styles naturally turn to cold or grilled foods. I don't know about you, but sometimes, even in the blistering heat, I get a hankering for a hot (not char-broiled) meal. When that craving hits, I tout out these tried-and-tasty summer stove-top soups. These recipes feature pared-down (pardon the pun) cooking time frames that won't over-tax the air-conditioning or overheat the house. Best of all, these yummy soups incorporate summer's vegetable bounty and are easy on the diet. Kids love them too. Quick-Cook Kid-Pleasing Summer Vegetable Soup Recipes 

Apples and Honey Recipes for Jewish Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, begins the Days of Awe which end with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Special foods are eaten and fasting is practiced on some days of this most holy season. Apples and honey are two symbols of Rosh Hashanah and eaten on that day. In honor of Rosh Hashanah, here are some of my best apple recipes made with delicious Michigan apples. Michigan Apple Harvest: Healthy Goodness (Note: one recipe calls for sausage, chicken sausage, Kosher meat may be substituted. Vegetarian options are given, too). Here are websites with resources to help families involved kids in Rosh Hashanah preparations. Each online resource provides recipes and dietary regulations, too. Non Jews may wish to explore this lovely holiday season and these resources provide good ways to do that. Free Printable Rosh HaShanah Activities 

Low Sodium Recipes, Diet Tips, Cooking Ideas to Cut Salt

U.S. News and World Reports voted the low-sodium DASH diet best all-around weight loss plan in 2011. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet not only reduces high blood pressure, it helps people lose weight. But low salt foods are boring and bland, right? Not with these diet tips, cooking ideas and low sodium recipes, they're not. Low Sodium Recipes, Diet Tips, Cooking Ideas to Cut Salt

Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms--Hunting Morels, Cooking Fungi

I am a mushroom lover. Not Psilocybin "Magic" shrooms--I'm speaking of the the edible and medicinal kinds. I love portobello, truffle, reishi, shiitake, white and of course, morels. May in Michigan is morel mushroom season. And with all this rain the morels are out in force.

Mushrooms have a cult following and for good reason. They're the only plant source of vitamin D, says Mushroom Info. No variety of vegetable contains naturally-occurring vitamin D.  Vitamin D is crucial for thyroid functioning. This makes mushrooms popular on the health-conscious diner's plate. And mushrooms are just so dad-gum tasty! The French  mirepoix is onion, carrots and celery (with a green pepper slant in Cajun cooking). For me, mushrooms, onions and garlic make up the holy trinity. Leeks, shallots and peppers are lesser deities.

Mushroom is a generic name for gilled fungi. Fungi are not plants, they are spores. They do not need light; in fact, they grow best in dark, dank areas. The white button mushroom is a member of the agraricus bisporus family. Read on May Means Morel Mushrooms in Michigan.

Apple Recipes, Lessons, Activities for Fall Harvest

Apples represent fall better than any other crop. Michigan, one of the U.S.'s major apple-growing states will have slimmer harvest in 2012 due to early pollination followed by a late frost. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy many apple treats and recipes, using this handy free printable apple guide. It contains cooking tips and information on apple varieties. This booklet includes apple math activities, science puzzles, social studies lessons and history extensions for apple lessons, too. My personal preference in apples is the mighty Macintosh (or Jonamac, a Jonathon-Macintosh blend). These are great eating, cooking and baking apples. They're tart and juicy. Here are more apple recipes, plus my signature Apfel Kaffeklatsch Kuchen (apple coffee cake) recipe. And here's hoping for an apple-tastic 2013! Free Printable Apple Activities for Fall Preschool Lesson Plans

Low Sodium Recipes, Diet Tips, Cooking Ideas to Cut Salt

 U.S. News and World Reports voted the low-sodium DASH diet best all-around weight loss plan in 2011. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet not only reduces high blood pressure, it helps people lose weight. But low salt foods are boring and bland, right? Not with these diet tips, cooking ideas and low sodium recipes, they're not. Healthy, nutritious and flavorful--these tips lower sodium without sacrificing anything (I think they taste better than salt-laden alternatives, actually). Low Sodium Recipes, Diet Tips, Cooking Ideas to Cut Salt 

Grill Recipes for Labor Day--Vegan, Vegetarian, Special Diet, Kosher

Labor Day means the last official summer picnic day. And picnic, in our family, means grilling, BBQ and home-cooking. But what about folks on special diets? Vegans, vegetarians, kosher, lactose intolerant, thyroid deficiency, South Beach dieters, Atkins dieters, gluten-free, diabetic, egg allergies and just plain picky eaters. How can you grill to their health and dietary needs? Here is the perfect solutions to the end of summer grillin' blues in a word: fish. High in protein, rich in omega3 oils, low fat, delicious, fish is one of those foods that will satisfy the pickiest eater and almost all special diets. Vegans, don't worry, I have got you covered, too. Here are several articles on making your own vegan recipes for grilling and appetizers.  Vegan, Kosher, Vegetarian and Special Diet Grill Recipes for Labor Day

Mars Party, Perseid Meteor Shower Party Food

Hosting a Mars party to celebrate NASA's Curiosity Mars rover landing? Or maybe you and fellow stargazers are gathering to watch the Perseid meteor shower on August 11? Summer is a great time to celebrate stars and sky watching. And star-gazing makes for hungry guests. Here are tips for hosting a star gazing party, with snacks.

Star Shaped Finger Foods

Grill Recipes

Stars (and Stripes) Cocktails recipes (hey, don't laugh. Star-gazing is thirsty work!)

Creative summer slumber party for kids: Backyard stargazer bash

Quick Cook Kid Pleasing Summer Vegetable Soup Recipes

In summer heat, our appetites and cooking styles naturally turn to cold or grilled foods. I don't know about you, but sometimes, even in the blistering heat, I get a hankering for a hot (not char-broiled) meal. When that craving hits, I tout out these tried-and-tasty summer stove-top soups. These recipes feature pared-down (pardon the pun) cooking time frames that won't over-tax the air-conditioning or overheat the house. Best of all, these yummy soups incorporate summer's vegetable bounty and are easy on the diet. Kids love them too. Read more at Summer Soup Recipes

50 Foods from Around the World--for Kids' Groups, Camp Lessons VBS, Scouts

Are you planning an 'Around the World' theme for your school, church, VBS, scout troop, camp, library, 4H or community group? Need some quick, easy inexpensive food ideas that you can easily make or better yet, pull off the shelf of your local grocery store? Most all of these foods are available where you would normally shop. You will not need to make a special trip to an ethnic deli. Read more at  Lesson Plans for School, Scouts, Camp, Library or VBS : 50 Foods from Around the World 

Beer History, Meadery, Brewery Tours in Detroit

Looking for a fun pub crawl? Detroit is becoming a pilgrimage site for beer lovers, especially craft brew aficionados. The area has a long, rich tradition of beer-making, from breweries (large-scale producers) to microbreweries (limited production, non-dining establishments) to brewpubs (dining establishments serving microbrew). If you're a beer enthusiast, why not consider a beer tour of Detroit breweries? Motor City Brew Tours offers bike, bus, and walking packages and events. These are adults-only events. Here are details. Beer History, Meadery, Brewery Tours in Detroit

Ballooning Restaurant Portion Sizes Should Scare Us All

When I first started dieting, I was shocked at the difference between recommended portion sizes and the amount I was calling a portion. So I'm not surprised to learn that portion sizes in restaurants have quadrupled since the 1950s. I am alarmed, however. We all should be.

A new infographic from Making Health Easier (a resource of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) shows just how portion sizes at restaurants are expanding. It also shows that it's time to get serious about this over-eating epidemic. Portion sizes that used to feed a family now feed one person. And with escalating portion sizes, come astronomical sodium and fat counts. Quantity does not mean quality when it comes to most of the food we consume, either. No wonder obesity is the new leading killer. Ballooning Restaurant Portion Sizes Should Scare Us All 

4th of July Cocktails, Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Written for Labor Day, these cocktail recipes work great for 4th of July BBQs, picnics and parties. They'll put some red-white-and-blue zest in your holiday festivities. Recipes focus more on fun flavors rather than intense alcohol overload. The goal isn't to get hammered, but to enjoy a social bevvie with friends and family. The nice thing about these drinks is that they taste just as good non-alcoholic as with the booze. Instead of schnapps, for example, you can use Odwalla, Bolthouse Farms, Northland, Ocean Spray or V8 100 % fruit drinks.

My husband worked as a bartender at a private club. He also tended bar for private parties. While at the club, he learned to make dozens of drinks and invented some of his own. These recipes are for drinks that we have either learned to make or invented ourselves.  Patriotic Labor Day Cocktails and Fun Alcoholic Beverage Recipes 

New York Mayor's Supersized Soda Ban is Shortsighted

 Any gardener knows that in order to weed out dandelions, you have to attack the root. Simply removing the flower won't do it. This analogy shows the problem with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's idea to ban supersized beverages. AFP says the mayor's plan would restrict servings of soda beverages to no more than 16 ounces. New York Mayor's Supersized Soda Ban is Shortsighted 

Unseasonable Michigan Weather Means Imported Cherries

Michigan is the leading grower of cherries in the United States. It won't be this year, however. Unseasonably high temperatures coupled with late, heavy frosts have damaged much of the state's cherry crop. Michigan retailers are importing cherries from other countries, says Michigan Radio. Anyone who's ever tasted a delicious Michigan sweet cherry knows how devastating this loss will be for consumers, growers and retailers. Here are details.  Unseasonable Michigan Weather Means Imported Cherries 

How to Host a Murder Mystery Madness Movie Marathon--Recipes, Serving, Costumes

I'm a self-avowed vintage murder mystery literati and film-ophile. Of particular favorites are Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock. Here's a cracking-good party planner that features a retro-themed murder mystery movie marathon of 1930s and 1940s era films. I call ours' "Sir Albert and Dame Marilisa's New Year's Eve Soiree." I've included a menu, recipes, serving tips, decor ideas, costumes, activities and several faboo murder mystery movie favorites. This was written for New Year's party, but why wait? You can enjoy a murder mystery party in any season. Here's how...New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Madness Movie Marathon

Diet and Weight Loss Tips--The Importance of Eating Six Small Nutritious Meals Daily

Dieting and weight loss are two of the most oft-searched Internet topics. There are as many myths about diet as there are truths. One big factor that people often overlook in weight loss is the importance of eating. The term 'calorie' has become anathema, but what is a calorie? Simply, calories are units of energy measurement. Energy is fuel; we need fuel to perform all bodily functions. Therefore we need calories and food.
The trick with dieting and weight loss is to reorganize eating habits. Here are tips to do that at  Diet and Weight Loss Tips; The Importance of Eating Six Small Nutritious Meals Daily 

Jewish Passover, Seder meal activities for families

Passover, or Pesach, is a seven-day Jewish holiday observance. It generally falls in April in the western calendar. In 2012, Passover will be celebrated beginning at sundown Saturday, April 6 and lasting through Friday, April 14. On the Hebrew lunisolar calendar (which is based on both moon phases and solar cycles), Passover is celebrated on Nissan 15-22. Here are resources for Jewish kids and parents to explore and celebrate Passover more fully. These activities can help non-Jewish families understand and experience Hebrew traditions, too. I'm not Jewish, but we've done our own Seder meal. The links provided can help any family recreate a worshipful Seder. It's a great way to teach kids about other cultures, religions and traditions. A Passover Seder is a perfect compliment to religious Easter celebrations. Read more at Jewish Passover lessons and activities for families 

'Pink Slime' Beef Concerns Should Lead to Vegetarian Diet

"Pink slime," a food additive used in hamburger, is generating a lot of controversy. To combat salmonella, E.coli and other food-borne pathogens, meat producers are adding a thick pink porridge made of beef scraps and ammonium hydroxide. The Huffington Post says 70 percent of supermarket beef contains this spurious substitute.
What I'm surprised about is that anyone is surprised about this. Our foods are full of chemicals. Our soil is sodden with decades of chemicals. Even non-GMO, organic food producers have to contend with that, says Help Guide. Read more at 'Pink Slime' Beef Concerns Should Lead to Vegetarian Diet

How To Choose a Flatware Set

I have used, purchased, broken, cherished, tried and discarded many different styles and types of flatware in my lifetime. And I have learned a secret: 'Not all flatware is created equal.' Even comparably priced flatware varies in several important ways. And nowhere is it so evident as it is in flatware options, that you get what you pay for. Here are some considerations for anyone planning to begin a bridal registry, set up housekeeping, purchase new flatware or replace flatware. Read more at How To Choose a Flatware Set

Michigan E. Coli Cases Linked to Sprouts at Jimmy John's

Two of seven cases of food-borne illness in Michigan have been identified as E. coli, and in the other five cases, E. coli is highly suspected. The source of the bacterial contamination is said to be from clover sprouts used at Jimmy John's restaurants, Michigan Radio reports. Here are details about the outbreak. Read more at Michigan E. Coli Cases Linked to Sprouts at Jimmy John's

How to Make Vegan Veggie Burgers for Lent, Diet

During Lent, many observe meatless Fridays or give up eating meat for the season. Veggie burgers make a great alternative protein sources, but they're pricey. $4 for 9 ounces of veggie burger is pretty steep. How about whipping up some delicious veggie burgers from scratch? They're so good that even the omnivores will be demanding seconds. Here are some optional ingredients. Read more at How to Make Your Own Veggie Burgers

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for Lent

During lent, much of the world practices fasting. Whether we choose a physical fast, such as food or drink or a spiritual fast, such as refraining from gossip or internet use, our goal is improved spiritual health and closeness with our Heavenly Father. Most Catholic individuals and households observe some sort of lenten food fast. In the old church, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday was known as Shrove Tuesday. All sweeteners, dairy products, oil and eggs were used up and made into pancakes and during lent, not only was no meat eaten, but also no dairy products. The closest diet to this kind of fasting is a vegan diet, except that the vegan eats no fish. Read more at The Lenten Kitchen.Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

Five Quick, Easy Valentines Day Desserts

Need a great Valentines Day treat for a get-together, potluck, school party or family dinner? Although I am the family cook, I always seem to be the last one to be told when we are expected to bring a dessert to a get-together. I don't know how many times I've heard, 'oh by the way, you know that party? Well I said we'd bring something...' Consequently, I've developed an arsenal of last minute rescue recipes for just such an emergency. Here are five basic rescue recipes for goodies that you can whip up and have ready to walk out the door to any get together. Written for New Year's Eve, these treats are yummy year-round. The grasshopper pie recipe would make a "creme de la creme" dessert (pardon the pun) for St. Patrick's Day, too. These are mostly frozen desserts: peanut butter, banana split, peppermint stick, grasshopper, turtle and toffee. I don't know about you, but I never need an excuse to enjoy dessert. And thank you. Now I'm hungry! :0 Read more at Five Quick, Easy New Year's Eve Desserts

One-Pot Fish Tacos Casserole Recipe, Quick and Easy

Leftover Use-up: One-Pot Fish Tacos Casserole Recipe, Quick and Easy I'm a penny-pincher, DIY mama. The kitchen is one of my favorite places to scratch both of those itches. I save money by cleaning out the fridge before shopping (funny how those kids can open six packages of shredded cheese and never finish one? Or the hubs starts three onions and leaves the carcasses behind?) So once a week I go through, purge the refrigerator of flotsam and jetsam and make a meal of the leftovers. Today's leftover use-up: fish tacos. I make them into a casserole because it saves dishes and messy clean up. Here's how...

Chinese New Year Foods, Recipes, Provincial Cuisine

Chinese New Year Foods, Recipes, Provincial Cuisine As a 25-year teacher and homeschooler, one of my favorite ways to introduce students to a culture was by sampling foods from that country. Kids love my around the world taste tours, too. If you're exploring Chinese New Year in your classroom or family homeschool, here are recipes and food ideas to try. Gung Hay Fat Choy, fellow dragons and everyone! Read on...

Tuna and Fish Recipes from The Lenten Kitchen, Perfect for Chinese New Year

The Lenten Kitchen: Vegetarian Tuna Recipes Chinese New Year begins Jan. 23, 2012. What better recipes for "Year of the Dragon" than fish, sushi and tuna? Fish is the food of choice for the Catholic season of lent which starts Feb. 22, 2012.

This year, my husband and I are working toward a Mediterranean diet: fish, little meat, local and fresh vegetables, more wheat-free grains, fiber and better dairy, like yogurt and cottage cheese. He has cholesterol problems and I'm trying to lose weight. There's just one problem with tuna: I love it but he HATES it.

Tuna is loaded with protein and Omega-3 oils and low-fat. In these recipes, we concentrate on preparing delicious tuna recipes that will appeal to everyone. One of the biggest complaints leveled at tuna, is that it tastes and smells so 'fishy'. The best way to avoid the fishier smelling canned tuna is to choose 'solid white albacore' tuna packed in water. This style of tuna is slightly more expensive than chunk light, but it's nutritionally better and doesn't smell like cat food. Another tip is to cook fish or tuna with lemon or lime. Citrus is great for cutting that fishy taste and smell.  Click for more recipes and tips...

Recipes, Tips to Tempt Picky Kids to Eat Vegetables

Parent Tips to Turn Picky Kids on to Vegetables One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to start eating healthier. Improving nutrition is an essential component for family health. Right, you're saying. Tell that to my picky kid. Alas, picky eating habits are very common among preschoolers; it's a step to becoming independent. Normal or not, it can cause parents a lot of woe. Health and nutrition experts tell us to feed kids more fresh, green vegetables. If junior won't eat his veggies, the point becomes moot, however. Looking for ways to turn a fussy eater on to vegetables? Try these tips.


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