Free Easter Egg-Dyeing Crafts, Printable Decorations

If you celebrate Easter with eggs, bunnies and Easter baskets here free printable Easter crafts and activities. Use for egg dyeing patterns, Easter egg decorations and holiday table decor. Here are some egg dyeing tips from a mom of four whose been coloring Easter eggs for 40 years. Don't soak eggs in vinegar solution for too long. They'll get scaly. Skip the egg dye pellets and messy egg glitter and paint. Food coloring works best and is safest. Draw patterns on white eggs with a white crayon or piece of wax. This will resist dye and make pretty decorations. You can write messages, too. Skip Easter grass, so kids and pets don't accidentally eat it. Use green-colored coconut or shredded construction paper. Free Easter Egg-Dyeing Crafts, Printable Decorations

Easy, Healthy, Cheap WIC Foods Recipes

When our four kids were young, our income qualified me and the children for WIC (Woman, Infants and Children) food coupons.WIC, a USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) program, gives low-income families coupons for free food. Unlike food stamps, WIC can only be used for specific foods and baby formula. Breastfeeding moms like me couldn't use formula coupons and so WIC added vegetables, rice and tuna to supplement nursing moms' diets. WIC added Project Fresh coupons (used at farmers markets) and later produce vouchers. Here are recipes using basic WIC foods: eggs, juice, milk, peanut butter, cheese, approved cereal, tuna, carrots, bread, fruit and vegetables. Use these cheap recipes stretch your grocery budget and food stamps. For transitional housing dwellers, I've kept preparation and ingredients simple. Omit anything you don't have.  Easy, Healthy, Cheap WIC Foods Recipes 

Diet-Friendly, Vegetarian Rice Recipes for Lent, Halal, Kosher

 As a Catholic mom, I fast during lent and on Fridays by serving and eating meatless meals. I'm also dieting and have had success eating vegetarian. Rice is a great non-meat food source, but gets a bad rap for being high in starch and calories. Here are rice recipes that give you the most nutritional bang with the lowest caloric intake. I've written these recipes to meet other religious dietary restricitions. Recipes of Asia gives a guide. Islamic halal, non-kitniyot Jewish kosher. Kitniyot foods, like rice, are sometimes restricted by Jews, particularly Ashkenazi, during Pesach or passover. To observe kitniyot, quinoa could be substituted for rice. AISH says this is okay. These recipes follow eastern Ahimsa practices (except for the recipe with tuna). They can be made vegan by using soy for dairy or fish or by omitting. For all recipes, use brown or white jasmine rice (white has fewer calories). Diet-Friendly, Vegetarian Rice Recipes 

Diet Foods I'll Keep Eating After I Lose Weight

I've been dieting to lose 100 pounds gained after a stint on antidepressants. It's a long, tedious battle and I'm about half way there. After I get all the weight off, there are some diet foods I'll never touch again. Other foods I'm going to keep eating to maintain weight loss. Here they are.   Diet Foods I'll Keep Eating After I Lose Weight


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