Diet Recipe of the Day: Pea Crisps

 I've lost about 75 pounds with drugs. I totally revamped my eating. They say people who struggle with weight have either salty or sweet cravings. I don't know about either-or. I have both. My salty nemesis was chips with dip. I could polish off a heap, like 600 calories worth, no problem. Like right now--those pita chips are screaming my name. So here are better alternatives.  Diet Recipe of the Day: Pea Crisps

Kid-Pleasing, Leftover Use-Up Quick Dinner Fix: Cajun Jambalaya

 Looking for a quick dinner fix kids will love? Here's a cheap, leftover use-up recipe that's fast and easy. Being a world cook, my recipes feature regional flavors. I also cater to special diets. So I'll offer tweaks for health or religious diets. Today's dish comes from my daughter and son-in-law living deep in Cajun country, in Lafayette, Louisiana. They're transplanted Michiganders and great cooks. We have been privileged to enjoy many Acadian and creole treats thanks to their culinary explorations. What's cooking? Jambalaya  Kid-Pleasing, Leftover Use-Up Quick Dinner Fix: Cajun Jambalaya

20+ Graduation Open House Food Recipes for Outdoor Buffet-Style Entertaining

Oh, oh! You've been too busy and put off planning that graduation open house until the last minute? Or maybe you've been thinking about it for months and can't decide what to serve? Even if you need some last minute fillers for your graduation open house buffet, it's a good thing you clicked this article. Here are 25+ easy foods, snacks and recipes to make a nice graduation open house buffet. These can be used for wedding bridal shower recipes, first Communion receptions and other open house buffets also.  20+ Graduation Open House Food Recipes


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