Michigan E. Coli Cases Linked to Sprouts at Jimmy John's

Two of seven cases of food-borne illness in Michigan have been identified as E. coli, and in the other five cases, E. coli is highly suspected. The source of the bacterial contamination is said to be from clover sprouts used at Jimmy John's restaurants, Michigan Radio reports. Here are details about the outbreak. Read more at Michigan E. Coli Cases Linked to Sprouts at Jimmy John's

How to Make Vegan Veggie Burgers for Lent, Diet

During Lent, many observe meatless Fridays or give up eating meat for the season. Veggie burgers make a great alternative protein sources, but they're pricey. $4 for 9 ounces of veggie burger is pretty steep. How about whipping up some delicious veggie burgers from scratch? They're so good that even the omnivores will be demanding seconds. Here are some optional ingredients. Read more at How to Make Your Own Veggie Burgers

Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes for Lent

During lent, much of the world practices fasting. Whether we choose a physical fast, such as food or drink or a spiritual fast, such as refraining from gossip or internet use, our goal is improved spiritual health and closeness with our Heavenly Father. Most Catholic individuals and households observe some sort of lenten food fast. In the old church, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday was known as Shrove Tuesday. All sweeteners, dairy products, oil and eggs were used up and made into pancakes and during lent, not only was no meat eaten, but also no dairy products. The closest diet to this kind of fasting is a vegan diet, except that the vegan eats no fish. Read more at The Lenten Kitchen.Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

Five Quick, Easy Valentines Day Desserts

Need a great Valentines Day treat for a get-together, potluck, school party or family dinner? Although I am the family cook, I always seem to be the last one to be told when we are expected to bring a dessert to a get-together. I don't know how many times I've heard, 'oh by the way, you know that party? Well I said we'd bring something...' Consequently, I've developed an arsenal of last minute rescue recipes for just such an emergency. Here are five basic rescue recipes for goodies that you can whip up and have ready to walk out the door to any get together. Written for New Year's Eve, these treats are yummy year-round. The grasshopper pie recipe would make a "creme de la creme" dessert (pardon the pun) for St. Patrick's Day, too. These are mostly frozen desserts: peanut butter, banana split, peppermint stick, grasshopper, turtle and toffee. I don't know about you, but I never need an excuse to enjoy dessert. And thank you. Now I'm hungry! :0 Read more at Five Quick, Easy New Year's Eve Desserts


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