Diet Leftover Use-Up Recipe to Lose Weight: Super C Chicken Salad

I have lost about 82 pounds since 2011. I still have 20 pounds to go (or until I can shed the back fat and belly fat). My diet strategies are to ruthlessly cut calories, fat, sugar, starch and salt. Each day I write a how-I-lost-weight recipe. I'm also a frugalista and like to use up leftovers. Tweaking recipes to get more protein and vitamins for less calorie count is important too. And I love to repurpose leftovers for two-for-one meals. I call these 2-4-1 recipes! Today's is:  Diet Recipe to Lose Weight: Super C Chicken Salad - News - Bubblews

Diet Recipe of the Day Phony Coney Island Veggie Dogs

I gotta admit--I don't like veggie hot dogs (aka tofu links). I can handle veggie burgers and actually like them better than hamburgers. But those rubbery soy hot dogs, gahh. But I'm also working on losing 100 pounds (81 gone). Now I could make my own, probably better than the packaged ones. But I had a coupon for Lightlife Smart Dogs and they were on sale. And when I'm working, I need quick low-calorie snacks I can grab and go (that's a diet tip, by the way--keep low-cal snacks on hand so you won't reach for the high-calorie junk when you're hungry). Veggie dogs have about 50 calories, lots of protein and no additives. Here's how I opted to dress up my veggie dogs to make them more palatable. Diet Recipe of the Day Phony Coney Island Veggie Dogs


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