'My 600-lb Life' Dr Now's bariatric weight loss diet, anti-obesity foods shock

TLC's bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan gets some pretty dramatic weight loss from his gastric bypass surgery patients. You're probably wondering how "My 600-lb Life" patients like Chad Dean shed 300-400 pounds. The reality TV doc shared his secrets and you're in for a surprise. What's not on Dr. Now's bariatric surgery diet is as shocking as what is. Dr. Now doesn't pus   'My 600-lb Life' Dr Now's bariatric weight loss diet, anti-obesity foods shock

Mama June serves up weight-loss food swaps even Honey Boo Boo loves

Do you want to know how Mama June lost 300 pounds on "From Not to Hot"? Personal trainer Kenya Crooks dished up some of his surprise weight-loss methods and food swaps. You can use these tasty tips whether you've had bariatric surgery like June Shannon, or not. Kenya's yummy recipes work if you need to lose weight, want to eat healthier or are trying to break a soda habit. Even Honey Boo Boo eats up these healthy food swaps!   Mama June serves up weight-loss food swaps even Honey Boo Boo loves

Sugar Bear, obese wife egg Honey Boo Boo to obesity, spite Mama June weight-loss

WEtv Mama June Shannon is flaunting big weight-loss after gastric bypass and plastic surgery, but she's taken a lot of flak for not helping her obese daughter "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson lose weight. Well, it seems that as per Alana, the reality television mom is trying to feed her better. But while most parents praise her efforts, two are sabotaging it: HBB's own dad "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson and her new stepmom. On June's new show "From Not to Hot," morbidly obese Jennifer Lamb body-shamed Shannon, accused her of abusing and depriving Honey Boo Boo, and then stuffed the 11-year-old full of junk food. Are Sugar Bear and Lamb egging Alana to obesity to spite June?  Sugar Bear, obese wife egg Honey Boo Boo to obesity, spite Mama June weight-loss

Valentine's Day recipes, homemade decorations, heart-shaped cupcakes, cookies

Arrgh! Your child did it again. She volunteered you to make three dozen cupcakes (pink, heartshaped, with sprinkles, please) for her class Valentine's Day party--tomorrow! And when does Lil Miss Cupid spring this news? 9 p.m.--no time to go to the store for supplies. Well, have no fear, Mama Been-There-Done-That has super-fast, last-minute, homemade treat recipes made with on-hand ingredients. You get bonus DIY heart-shaped snacks and improvised frosting, sprinkles and decoration tips.

DIY heart-shaped cookie cutter--Murphy's Law will have it that if you need heart-shaped cookies you won't be able to find your heart-shaped cookie cutter. If you ever had one. So, here are quick, homemade ones. Bend a coat hanger or large paper clip into a heart shape. Or draw a half-heart on the folded edge of a piece of sturdy paper. Cut out the heart and place on rolled out cookie dough. Trace around it with a butter knife, toothpick or metal skewer. Or just freehand it! The kiddies will
Pink cupcakes made with diy food coloring

Heart-shaped cupcakes--Make paper cupcake holders shaped like hearts by folding in half. Open and fold top point inward to form rounded sides of heart. Place folded cupcake paper in cupcake tin with three marbles: one between the halves of the heart to keep it open and one on each side to support the point.

Homemade pink frosting. Mix three parts red and one part blue food coloring and dye vanilla frosting. No food coloring? Use these mix-ins: red juice (grape, cherry, cranberry or beet), red pop, strawberry jam; strawberry ice cream syrup or red gelatin dissolved in a little hot water. Or melt red hard candy in the microwave.

No frosting? Blend a stick (or 8 ounces) of margarine with powdered sugar and milk to desired consistency. Add a dash of salt and vanilla or almond flavoring. For chocolate, add baking cocoa, melted baker's chocolate or melted chocolate chips. No powdered sugar? Heat granulated sugar in sauce pan to make glaze? No margarine? Use milk for icing.

Homemade Valentine decorations. Fresh out of requested sprinkles? Shave chocolate pieces. Crush hard candies in the blender. Form heart shapes with tiny candies: M&Ms, Runts, Nerds or other small candy. Use mini-marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate, cherry or vanilla chips, Snip fruit snacks, jelly beans, gum drops, red licorice into small pieces. Cut letters from gum strips or Fruit Roll-Ups. Kid's favorite: decorate with breakfast cereal: Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Trix, Fruity Pebbles.

DIY Valentine decorative frosting. To make icing you can write with, place frosting in small plastic bag. Squeeze frosting into corner, tie end closed and snip the tip off the corner. Use like decorator icing to write Valentine messages, like "These cookies brought to you by a creative mom who's kid forget to tell her till the last minute!" (Probs too long, but tempting).

DIY Valentine sentiments. Add messages to cookies and cupcakes with valentine conversation hearts. Write valentine words with Alpha-Bits cereal or letter-shaped pretzels. Cut letters from Fruit Rollups. Write on cookies with diluted gelatin water in a turkey baster. Form letters from thin cut strips from licorice or use string licorice, also called licorice laces.

Let little last-minute Lucy help and you'll get some fun bonding time, too. Your emergency Valentine treats may turn out to be the most popular yet!


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