Diet and Weight Loss: Eat Regular Meals to Prevent Binging

Diet and Weight Loss Tips: Don't Let Yourself Get Too Hungry
One of the biggest dieting and weight loss mistakes people make is to lets themselves get too hungry. Either by intentional fasting or simply by not taking time to eat, being over hungry is a diet and weight loss disaster. Eat small meals regularly.
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Spinach Super-Food Recipes

Health and Nutrition: Spinach Super Food Recipes
Popeye the sailor man loves his spinach and with good reason. Spinach is a super food. Spinach is high in iron, Vitamin A and C, beta-cartotene, calcium and fiber. One serving contains 2 grams of protein and no fat.
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Health Dangers and Diet Issues: Restaurant and Fast Food

Health and Nutrition: Restaurant Food Dietary and Health Risks
Americans eat in restaurants and consume fast food at a higher rate than almost any other country. While we are generally aware that eating restaurant foods is less healthy than 'home-cooked', just what are the specific nutrition and health risks?
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Vegetarian Snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Vegetarian and Diet-Friendly Spreads for Super Bowl Sunday
I think hosts for Super Bowl Sunday parites are obliged to serve carnivorous treats. Somewhere in the Super Bowl Sunday code it says, 'thou shalt have cold cuts and smoked sausage', doesn't it? But what about dieting and vegetarian fans?
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Caffeine, Coffee, Chocolate, Tea, Energy Drinks: Health Dangers

Caffeine Dangers: Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Issues
Caffeine is a drug. Like amphetamines, caffeine is a stimulant, or 'upper'. But like barbituates, caffeine has a reverse depressant or 'downer' affect also. Caffeine causes dehydration, spiked energy, lethargy and often depression.
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Dieting and Weight Loss Stategies: Eat Six Small Meals Daily

Diet and Weight Loss Tips; The Importance of Eating Six Small Nutritious Meals Daily
Dieting and weight loss are two of the most oft-searched internet topics. There are as many myths about diet as there are truths. One big factor that people often overlook in weight loss is the importance of eating.
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