Mediterranean Baklava and Pyllo Dough Pastry Recipes

Mediterranean Baklava and Honey Phyllo Dough Pastry Recipes My husband came home one day declaring himself in love... and not just with me. With baklava. You know that sticky-sweet honey and nut phyllo dough pastry perfected by Middle Eastern communities. Baklava is expensive to buy but easy to make. Read More

Almaden Shiraz Boxed Wine

Almaden Vineyards Heritage Shiraz Wine Review
I like wine. I like red wine. I like dry red wine. I like Shiraz dry red wine. And I like inexpensive (some would say cheap). So I am pleased and delighted to inform you that Almaden Vineyards now makes a Heritage Shiraz in a box
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Back to School Breakfast Smoothies and Shake Recipes

Back to School Quick, Healthy Breakfast Smoothies and Shakes Back-to-school means that many families must rethink their meal schedules. Many students need to up and out the door so early that there's little time for breakfast. Here are super fast healthy breakfast blender smoothie recipes. Read More

Refrigerator Clean Up Leftovers Recipes: Garden Vegetable Meatloaf

Refrigerator Clean-Up Leftover Recipes: Garden Vegetable Meatloaf It's time to clean the refrigerator with me and whip up a hearty, delicious meal with leftovers. I clean the refrigerator and use up leftovers once a week. Today's leftovers recipe: Garden Vegetable Meatloaf; moist, piquant and packed with veggies.
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Back to School Breakfast Ideas-- Think Outside the Cereal Box

Back to School Breakfast Ideas: Think Outside Out of the Box
To start the school day off right, it's important for children to eat a nutritious breakfast. Kids often skip breakfast because they lack time or breakfast foods. Think outside the box for breakfast ideas. Read More

Vegetarian Cobb Salad with Avocado Ranch Dressing

Hollywood's Brown Derby restaurant was the first to serve Cobb salad. Inspired by the Brown Derby Cobb salad, made with crisp romaine, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, chicken breast, croutons and Roquefort bleu cheese, here's my high protein vegetarian cobb salad with creamy avocado ranch dressing. Click here for free printable recipe!

Hells Kitchen Chef Ramsay Brings MasterChef to Fox TV Tuesdays

Master Chef vs. Hell's Kitchen: Chef Gordon Ramsay Brings Cooking Competition to Amateur Arena Do you like Hell's Kitchen? C'mon admit it; you love to hear Chef Gordon Ramsay shred contestants' big egos like so much provolone. If you are hungry for more competitive cooking than just Hell's Kitchen check out Master Chef. Read More


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