Inexpensive Wine Connoisseurs Wine Guide: Oak Leaf

Inexpensive Wine Connoisseur's Guide: Oak Leaf Wines
Orson Welles told us that Paul Masson would 'sell no wine until its time'. A more proactive vintner said 'we will sell no wine until you pay for it'. Wine costs money. Good wine costs lots of money-except at Oak Leaf Wineries. Pair up a glass of delicious Oak Leaf Merlot with a bowl of my Hearty Vegan 15 Bean Soup! Ward of the Halloween and autumn chill!
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Fall Vegetarian Recipes; 15 Bean Vegan Soup

Vegetarian, Vegan, Low fat and Low Sodium Bean Soup Recipe
Vegetarians and vegans share one basic concern: getting enough protein and fatty acids in the diet. Diets without meat, eggs, cheese, milk and dairy protein must look to vegetable protein sources like beans. Just perfect for a chilly fall night or healthy trick-or-treat treat! Ghoulishly delicious! Click for recipe...

Nutritional Vitamin Supplements from Food

Nutritional Supplement Guide: Vitamins and Mineral
The average person's diet lacks certain essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The best source of nutrients is from the foods we eat. But some nutrients are difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities. Follow this guide to balance nutrition.

Healthy Comfort Food for Good Nutrition

10 Healthy Comfort Foods and Recipes Comfort food has a reputation of being unhealthy. It's not good for us but it tastes good and makes us feel better. Unhealthy foods don't really comfort. Here are delicious, nutritious comfort food options that brighten any day.
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Best Trick-or-Treat Candy for Halloween

Best Halloween Candy and Worst Trick or Treat Candy
I've tried to substitute prizes in place of candy for trick-or-treating. I was called everything from party-pooper to un-American. And this from my children alone. So here is my list of best and worst Halloween candy.
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Juvenile Diabetes: Diet and Nutrition

Diabetes: Parenting a Diabetic Child We generally think of diabetes in relation to adults. Genetic predisposition, family history and obesity are the typical causes of diabetes. Higher rates of childhood obesity is causing a higher incidence of juvenile diabetes. Here's how you can help your child learn to control diabetes through diet and proper nutrition. Read on...


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