Red White and Blue Recipes for 4th of July, All-American Patriotic Foods

I love party planning, especially cheap, homemade bashes. I'm not big on over-priced, commercial party supplies. Feels generic, somehow. Themed food improvs are my magnum opus. For a fun 4th of July picnic, how about All-American patriotic themed foods and red-white-and-blue recipes? Here's an appetizer-to-dessert menu.  Patriotic Foods, Red-White-and-Blue Recipes for Memorial Day Parties

Budget Graduation Party Open House, Grocery Shopping Guide and Gradute-Themed Recipes

Hosting a graduation open house on a shoestring? Good for you! No need to blow a lot of money. You can do an budget party your graduate will love. Here's an affordable party planning guide to throw the perfect backyard! I've listed my best graduation-themed recipes plus shopping lists for groceries, supplies, decorations and equipment. Being the perennial penny pincher, I've listed cheaper and DIY alternatives--to save you money and hassle! Budget Graduation Party Open House Shopping Guide With Recipes

Cut Grocery Bill in Half? Eat Healthy Diet Food

I've lost most of the 100 pounds I gained after two stillbirths, early menopause and taking the antidepressant Paxil (known for causing weight gain, says Mayo Clinic). I lost weight by following Dr. Oz's advice and swapping fatty, high-carb foods for healthy, fat-blasting foods. Lots of people tell me diet food is more expensive and they can't afford it. They're right--about the commercial kind. But not natural, healthy diet food. I save money--like 50-percent off my grocery bill--buying it.  Want to Cut Grocery Bill in Half? Eat Healthy Diet Food

A-Z Fiber Foods, Omega Rich, Fatty Acid Fat Burners

I've lost almost 100 pounds and dropped nine sizes. I burned excess belly fat and trimmed other body fat. How? By swapping saturated and hydrogenated fat, starch, refined sugar and flour for high-fiber, fatty acids foods. Ironically, good fats--omega oils, MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids) plus fiber are natural bad fat burners. Fiber and fatty acids work together to purge fat, especially belly fat. Many fiber-rich foods are high in fatty acids and also low in saturated fats. Here's an A-Z list of good-fat, high-fiber foods.  A-Z Fiber Foods, Fatty Acid Fat Burners for Weight Loss


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