Mealtime cheats, shortcuts for crazy-busy parents

With two of my four kids out of the house, life has slowed down a little. But when everyone was home and I was homeschooling, our lives were crazy-busy, 24-7. To stay (relatively) sane, I relied on several corner-cutting tricks. One the biggest drains on time is meal preparation. I need meals that can be ready in 20 minutes or less. I Here are my best mealtime cheats and food preparation shortcuts.  Mealtime cheats, shortcuts for crazy-busy parents

Easy Vegetarian Super-Food Recipes Using Winter Squash

I love fall produce shopping. The glorious riot of vegetable colors is a feast for the eyes. And bold colors in vegetables equates to nutrient-packed super-foods. But pragmatically speaking, what do you do with those funny-looking fall squashes? Here are quick, delicious vegetarian recipes that capitalize on winter squash harvest goodness. Even picky eaters will love them! Easy Vegetarian Super-Food Recipes Using Winter Squash

What parents should know about childhood obesity

For a society that values tolerance, there's one population we're not very nice to--fat people. We treat fat kids especially badly. We rail against bullying, but then we shame overweight kids and guilt parents for letting kids get fat. While obesity is problematic, every fat kid may not be overweight. Here are things parents need to know about fat kids and weight loss. It's about feeding kids right, not "dieting". Up the fresh vegetables and water, down junk food and processed food. And exercise, outdoor play and fitness. The role of exercise cannot be overstated. Read on What parents should know about childhood obesity 


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