Lowfat Carrot Spice Muffins or Bread for Dieters

I have lost 92 pounds and I'm still working on that last 8 pounds. I put on weight in menopause because I exercised less but still ate like I did when I was a young, busy mom. So to shed the weight, I tweaked recipes using lower calorie and lowfat options. I love those breakfast muffins but they can be upwards of 400 calories each. Most are super high in fat and sugar. Here's my breakfast quick bread or muffin recipe with one third the calories. Lowfat Carrot Spice Muffins or Bread for Dieters

Lowfat Garam Masala Butter Chicken or Tofu Masala with Veggies

Our family has developed a devotion to Indian food. An Indian restaurant opened near us. We ate there once and were instantly in love. I've always been a curry hound. But the curry was only the beginning. I can't get enough butter chicken, masala, tikka, vindaloo, tandoori and other fragrant dishes. I don't need meat--just the spicy sauces is enough, but only level one heat please. Here's my vege-fied diet tweaked garam masala butter chicken recipe for calorie counters.  Diet Recipe Lowfat Garam Masala Butter Chicken with Veggies

Baked Bean Soup with Holiday Leftovers

 Is your leftover holiday ham glaring at you, saying "eat me!" Are the sweet potatoes threatening to go sour? Are you sick of eating them but out of recipe ideas? Well before those leftovers go bad, stage a refrigerator coup and take the other food hostage, here's a healthy, lowfat, high protein and fiber recipe to use them up. Great for dieters. Vegetarian options, too. Baked Bean Soup with Holiday Leftovers and Veggies Galore


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