Weekly Kids Snack Menu Healthy School Lunches--D is for Dog

I miss teaching preschool. So I indulge my inner kid writing Five day school lunch menu themes. Check out my other themes below. This Week-of-school-snacks theme is brought to you by the letter D. D is for Dog and we celebrate pooches, puppies and pets with snacks.Weekly Kids Snack Menu Healthy School Lunches--D is for Dog

Caramel Toffee Butterscotch German Chocolate Cake

Whenever there’s a birthday around our house, I like to make special desserts. I say desserts, not birthday cake because you never know what the person might have a taste for. When Pillsbury came out with Funfetti--with colored sprinkles in the cake and the little sprinkles attached to the frosting can--that became my oldest's favorite. With bubble gum ice cream from which she dissected the gum pieces into one big wad. Those where some sugar-psychedelic parties!    Caramel Toffee German Chocolate Cake and Butter Brickle Memories

Diet Breakfast Cereal Use-Up Bread Recipe

I'm Chef in Chief around here. I demand that my recipes be frugal, nutritious and use up leftovers. Today's recipe is
Leftover Breakfast Cereal Use Up Bread.

Don't you hate it when the family opens multiple boxes of cereal and lets them go stale? Well, I've outsmarted them. I recycle that cereal into bread. Even stale cereal can be repurposed. I've used Bran Buds, Grape-Nuts, Cheerios and Life cereals all successfully. I think most any cereal could work with a little tweaking. I use up other food too. For 2 pound loaf, place in the the bread machine in this order  Diet Friendly Breakfast Cereal Use-Up Bread Machine Recipe

Domestic Goddess Tips--Multitasking Recipes, Cooking Shortcuts

I am a Domestic Goddess; my domain is cheap meal-time management. Being a busy mom, I must budget time and energy as well as money. So I make 2-for-1 meals. I do the bulk of preparation on Sunday when I have the most time. Here's one weekly

Sunday--Chicken dinner. I roast a jumbo chicken, cook 2# rice, 1 # pasta, 3# ground beef, 5# potatoes and 3# pre-cut veggies (broccoli and cauliflower crowns, carrots). I pare and bake butternut squash. I make five cups of my mirepoix--two large green peppers, one big onion, 8 ounces mushrooms, 4 large carrots, one stalk celery. Serve chicken, potatoes, veggies. Package and refrigerate leftovers and extra food.  Domestic Goddess Tips--Multitasking Recipes, Cooking Shortcuts


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