Five Foods That Showcase Metro Detroit's Diversity

The "D" in Detroit stands for diversity. Detroit arguably offers the most quirky, fun ethnic mix of any city in the U.S. Of course, I'm a little biased, being from Michigan. But for all the flak Detroit gets for high crime rate, its important to balance the negativity by bragging up the perks. The city boasts regional pocket communities from around the globe. And where best to experience this cultural eclecticism but in food? Here's a collection of local dishes enjoyed in different burbs in this gloriously varied city. From city chicken in Rochester, Mich., to salmon eggs and grits at downtown soul food eateries, from middle Eastern baba ghanouj to Jewish gefilte fish, Detroit has it all! read on

"Jerusalem: A Cookbook" Celebrates Diversity, Shares Passions

I love to cook, and it particular to experiment with different ethnic foods. I like to recreate the dishes we sample from different cuisines. I try to tie in not just the ingredients and cooking styles themselves, but the entire milieu in which they developed. Here's a great cookbook for exploring the varied cultures in Jerusalem, written by men from two sides of the city: Jewish and Muslim. This book would make a great Christmas or Hanukkah gift.   "Jerusalem: A Cookbook" Review

Feeding the obese child: Food switches to improve nutrition

In 25 years of teaching, I've noticed more kids tending toward obesity. I'm not talking about chubby kids who'll slim down in puberty, but those who are way overweight and getting fatter. What can we as parents do about it? Growing kids have to eat, right? Yes, but we can control what they eat. Obese kids are typically malnourished, not from eating too little but from eating the wrong things. Here are healthier food switches for kids' favorites.  Feeding the obese child: Food switches to improve nutrition


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