Omega-3 Oil Grilled Salmon Recipes

Omega-3 Oil Grilled Salmon Recipes; Brain Food Omega-3 oil is essential for good health. Men and women both need omega-3 oils in their diet. Fish, especially tuna and salmon, contain high levels of essential omega-3 oils. Fish has long been hailed as 'brain food.' Here are grilled salmon recipes. Read More

Cheap Truffle Oil Options

Cooking with Truffles: Inexpensive Truffle Oil for the Gourmet Chef I've developed some curious tastes as I explore the wonderful world of food. Truffles (the fungus, not the chocolate variety) are a must-have. Sadly truffles are freakishly expensive. Happily, I found a less costly alternative: truffle oil. Read More

Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits

Why Am I a Vegetarian? Health Benefits, Weight Loss, Consumerism, Solidarity with the Poor For my Lent observances this year, I gave up eating meat. By Easter, I was very comfortable with a meatless diet and decided to become a vegetarian. Here's why: health benefits, weight loss, environmental issues and solidarity with the poor. Read More

Boxed Water is Better than Plastic Water Bottles

Boxed Water Vs. Plastic Water Bottles: Green, Sustainable, Renewable, Recycled Products Last year, when my family attended Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids we discovered a nifty green alternative to disposable plastic water bottles: boxed water. Boxed Water is Better packages drinking water in paper cartons. Read More

$25 a Week Healthy Diet Plan

The $25 a Week Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Meal Plan I'm the queen penny pincher. I bargain shop for everything. But I'm also concerned about eating healthy nutritious foods. is it possible to get a week's worth of health food groceries for a single person under $25? Absolutely. Here's how. Read More

Vegan Summer Grilling Recipes: Kebabs, Tofu, Mushroom Burgers

Summer Grilling Guide for Vegetarians and Vegans: Meatless, Dairy-Free Recipes Spring and summer signal grilling seasons at our house. But what grill offerings can the poor vegetarian or vegan enjoy? Here are ten meatless, dairy-free grill entree recipes for vegans, vegetarian, kosher and special diet diners. Read More

White Meat Chicken vs.Dark Meat: Healthy, Juciy Chicken Breast Recipes

White Meat Chicken vs. Dark Meat: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Recipes
Like chicken but trying to lose weight and watch fat intake? Switch from dark meat chicken to white meat and you can have your chicken and lose weight too. But chicken breasts are so dry, right? Not with these healthy, delicious chicken recipes.
Read More

Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

4-Ingredient Mexican Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Celebrate Cinco de Mayo (May 5), with these tasty, easy, quick Hispanic recipes!Fiesta foods for family and cultural traditions. Read More

Pound for Pound Challenge; Lose Weight, Donate Food

Subway 'Pound for Pound' Challenge: Lose Weight and Donate Food 'Hunger is a struggle for 1 of 6 Americans'. That's a quote from Subway restaurant's Pound for Pound Challenge. For every pound of weight that participants pledged to lose, Subway will donate one pound of food to feed the needy. Read More

Healthy Popcorn, Caramel Corn and Cheesy Popcorn Recipes

Healthy, Nutritious Diet and Weight Loss Snacks: Popcorn Recipes
We know that plain, air-popped, unsalted popcorn without butter is a healthy snack, especially for dieters. But who wants plain popcorn? Do we have to sacrifice tasty popcorn snacks for health and weight loss? Not with these popcorn recipes! Read More

Easy, Quick, Inexpensive Vegetarian Meals in Minutes

Quick, Healthy, Inexpensive Vegetarian Meals in Minutes I gave up eating meat for Lent. As a new vegetarian, I realize just how challenging it could be to follow a special diet. I need quick, inexpensive meals. Here are five easy, under 20 minutes recipes for delicious vegetarian meals. Read More

Healthy Salty Snacks Product Reviews: Sun Chips, Bagel Chips, Pita Chips, Popcorn

Salty Snack Reviews: Pita Chips, Bagel Chips, Sun Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, Corn Nuts, Sesame Snacks In my quest for healthy food product reviews, this article explores healthy and not so healthy salty snack products. We look at fat content, transfat, cholesterol, sodium content, fiber, calories, artificial ingredients. Read More

Healthy Snack Foods Product Review: Nutri-Grain, Cereal Bars, Fruit Snacks

Healthy Foods: Are Nutri-Grain Products, Fruit Snacks, Yogurt Raisins and General Mills Cereal Bars Healthy? I'm on a mission to rout out snacks that claim to be healthy and expose their true nutritional value to consumer scrutiny. I've had it with snacks food that proclaim to be healthy but are in fact full of junk. Follow me as we explore healthy snack myths. Read More

Ann's House Good Health Energy Low fat, High Protein All Natural Snack Product

Nutritional Snack Product Review: Ann's House Good Health Energy I'm very skeptical of all snack products touted at 'healthy' or 'nutritious'. A quick read of most product nutrition labels reveals a plethora of junk in snack foods; fat, sodium, sugar, preservatives. Ann's House Good Health Energy lives up to its word. Read More

Thomas' Bagels: Healthy, High Protein and Fiber, Low fat, Whole Grain Nutrition

Thomas Bagels: Vegan, Kosher, Healthy Low-fat, High Protein Meal Thomas' Bagels, a Pennsylvania based bakery has been making bagels since 1880. Thomas' Bagels are made with unbleached four and contain no transfat, low saturated fat, low sugar, high protein and a great source of fiber. Read More

Thai Jasmine Rice Recipes

Jasmine Rice: Fragrant, Quick Cook Rice Review I love rice. Rice is healthy and delicious. Rice makes a great meal or side dish. Rice is full of fiber and protein and low in fat and sodium. The best rice in the entire world, to eat, is Jasmine rice. Here is the scoop on jasmine rice and rice recipes. Read More


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