How to Tempt the Picky Eater

How Parents Can Reform a Picky Eater Got a picky eater or three in the family? We're under pressure to feed our children right, but if said children won't cooperate, it can be a real parenting headache. Here are some tips from a teacher, preschool director and mom of four about how to unpick and reform the picky eater. These tips can help get kids excited about trying new foods. Read more...

Study Raises Parent Fears About Arsenic, Lead in Apple Juice

Study Raises Parent Fears About Arsenic, Lead in Apple Juice When Dr. Mehmet Oz reported high levels of arsenic in apple juice, he was accused of fear-mongering among parents. A new study from Consumer Reports in the magazine's January 2012 issue confirmed his findings, however. In fact, Consumer Reports found that not only is there too much arsenic in some juices, there is too much lead. Some grape juice varieties have even higher arsenic levels than apple juice. Here's a Q-and-A for parents about these tainted apple juice scares. Read more...

Thanksgiving Fish and Shellfish Recipes

Thanksgiving Fish and Shellfish Recipes for VegetariansYou can't have Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey, right? You surely can. In fact, there's some doubt as to whether turkey was even served at the first Thanksgiving. Here are dozens of recipes and food tips to enjoy all the harvest bounty with meat. The only reason that we have turkey at Thanksgiving is because Madison Avenue has led us to believe that it's tradition. Marketing and advertising executives tell how to think. But we know better. We know that fish and shellfish can be served anytime. And so very healthy! Check out these recipes. Read more...

Super Easy, Inexpensive, Kid-friendly Leftover Use-Up, One Pot Meals

Super Easy, Cheap, Kid-friendly Leftover Useup, One Pot Meals I'll admit it: I'm a cookbook addict. I love to peruse the pages looking for new ways with food. One thing I've noticed is that too many cookbooks are limited. Busy families need meals that don't require multiple steps or that dirty a sink full of pans. These recipes are nutritious meals that can be made while helping a child with spelling words or nursing a baby. Ingredients are inexpensive. With my recipes, you'll never have to make a special trip. They are adaptable to what's on hand. Using these recipes you'll use up leftovers, plus have enough for a second night. If you line baking dishes with heavy foil, you can freeze food, remove pre-wrapped in foil and store. Click here to read more...

Recipes to Celebrate Hindu Diwali

Recipes to Celebrate Hindu Diwali Diwali is the Hindu 'festival of lights'. Diwali is celebrated for five days and includes much feasting. Sweets are an important part of the Diwali festival. Neighbors exchanges sweets and treats. Here is a compilation of best Diwali recipes. Other religions that observe Diwali, also called Divali and Deepavali are Jainism and Sikhism. All those who celebrate Diwali insist that the festival isn't complete without the feasting, especially with sweets or 'Mithai', so here are sources of Diwali recipes. Reading about these treats makes me wish to visit Bali and maybe get invited to participate in a Diwali festival! Read on...

Michigan Gears Up for Oktoberfest

Grand Rapids, Mich., Gears Up for Oktoberfest Say "Oktoberfest" and what comes to mind? In Grand Rapids, Mich., it's about German beer, food and fun. No one parties quite like the Germans. As in Texas, everything is bigger, louder and more fun in Deutschland. Oktoberfest polkas into West Michigan in September. It's sponsored by the Edelweiss Club and features Alpine and Althorn music, dancing, food, children's events and of course, beer. Germans take brewing very seriously. I ought to know; I married a German. He's been making his own beer since 1982. That's what Oktoberfest is all about, German beer with good food to wash it down. Enjoy Schweine braten, Wiener Schnitzel, bratwurst and kraut, apfel strudel and other favorites. Read more...

Homecookin' Recipes: Michigan Apple Harvest: Healthy Goodness

Michigan Apple Harvest: Healthy Goodness Michigan's apples are some of the best in the world. Loaded with vitamins, great in many recipes, delicious and versatile, it's no wonder that the apple was the serpent's weapon of choice for Adam and Eve. My native state of Michigan is home to hundreds of apple orchards, cider mills and farm markets. In September and October road side stand, farm markets, produce stands and grocery stores are lined with baskets of sweet, spicy, tangy red-cheeked apples. Read more delicious recipes!

Patriotic Labor Day Cocktails and Fun Alcoholic Beverage Recipes

Patriotic Labor Day Cocktails and Fun Alcoholic Beverage Recipes Labor Day is the national holiday set aside to recognize workers and thank them for their labor. As the last holiday before school starts, Labor Day sometimes signals that last official picnic holiday of summer, also. If you'll be celebrating Labor Day with a picnic, party, bonfire or celebration of some sort, here are some festive patriotic drink recipes to grace your table. Read more...

Michigan Pet Food, Ground Turkey Tainted with Salmonella

Michigan Pet Food, Ground Turkey Tainted with Salmonella Michigan pet owners are being advised that salmonella has been detected in some Nestle Purina One cat food products. Coupled with that, 77 people in 26 states have become ill from eating ground turkey tainted with salmonella Heidelberg or salmonellosis. The producer responsible for the salmonella-tainted ground turkey has not yet been identified, nor has the list of affected states been released. In the meantime, consumers are urged to avoid eating ground turkey and cook all meats to proper internal temperature.

Kid-friendly, One Pot Stovetop Meals for Hot Summer Days

Kid-friendly, One Pot Stovetop Meals for Hot Summer Days Cooking in summer poses dilemmas: it's too hot to turn on the oven, the crock pot requires a full day of cooking and propane for the grill is expensive. Some meals don't do so well on the grill, either. Toss in some picky eaters or special diets and cooking in summer is a nightmare. Here are quick, easy stove-top meals for summer. These meals are kid-friendly, one-pot, easy clean-up meals, too; because if it's too hot to cook, it's too hot to do mountains of dishes, too. Read more...

How to Make Patriotic Salads and Finger Food Veggies for the Fourth of July

How to Make Patriotic Salads and Finger Food Veggies for the Fourth of July! At Fourth of July picnics, you can usually find the patriotic cookies, flag cakes and red,white and blue fruit. But what about those poor forgotten veggies we need and love? And we can't neglect our
vegetarian and vegan friends and relatives. They should be able to have some patriotic fun with food too!

Easy Mexican Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

4-Ingredient Mexican Recipes for Cinco De Mayo Cinco de Mayo, May 5 celebrates the victory of the Battle of Puebla. It's not the Mexican Independence Day. That's in September. But it's a beloved holiday in Mexico and Hispanic communities in the U.S. Here are some fast, easy four ingredient recipes for your home or classroom to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Got a taste for south of the border Spanish recipes? Read on at Cinco de Mayo recipes

Catholic Easter Lamb Cake and Centerpiece Recipe

Catholic Stand-Up Easter Lamb Cake and Centerpiece Recipe As a German Catholic homeschool family, Easter is about the Paschal Lamb of God, and His passion, death and Resurrection. Lent takes us to the Easter celebration. Here is an Easter lamb cake and centerpiece recipe that's yummy and has special meaning for Catholics and Christians.

Wineries and Grape Production in the Lake Michigan Regions

Michigan Uncorked: Wineries and Grape Production of Lake Michigan
Everything you always wanted to know about Michigan wines but were afraid to ask! From grape to vinyard, from crush to barrel, from bottle to table, from sip to savor. Not just in at Chateau Montelena or the Napa Valley, Red, white and blue does wine well. From Chardonnay to Pinot, from Sangiovese to Merlot, from Malbec to faux-Bordeaux. Just ask the Judgement of Paris experts! (And check out the adorable wine-lovers film "Bottle Shock" with the delicious Alan Rickman).

Kosher, Vegan Pretzel Recipes for Lent

Pretzels are a religious, lenten symbol and a yummy, low-fat, sugarfree, snack. Here are vegan and vegetarian recipes to enjoy pretzels. Vegan Pretzel Recipes

30+ Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Food Swaps Tips

Weight loss and dieting are top Google search topics. Here are common-sense weight loss tips distilled from nutritionists and health experts. These diet tips will improve health; they are flexible and inexpensive. Recipes, food swaps, nutrition tips, serving sizes, portion control. Read more

DIY Romantic Candlelight Dinner for Two

Can't afford to take your special lady out for an expensive dinner? You can create your own romantic, inexpensive picnic supper. Impress her with intimate food, wine, flowers and dinner that cost you very little. Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, first date, 50th anniversary, anytime. All you need is creativity to spark some passion. Read more

"Food, Inc." Lesson Plans and Activties

"Food, Inc." is a 2008 documentary that explores America's corporate-controlled food industry. "Food, Inc." looks at genetically modified foods, corporate farms, health conditions and other dangerous industry practices. Educators, "Food, Inc." provides resources for health, economics and science classes. "Food, Inc." has practical applications for government, civics, marketing, business and sociology classes also. Click here...

Recipes and Activities from Early American Settler Life

As a teacher and homeschooler, I have created a complete unit of pioneer and early American history lesson plans and activities. Here is a diy guide to create your own "One Room School House" experience for
your students or homeschool group. Included in this lesson are period foods and recipes for edibles, crafts and ink. Read on

Best Portion Control Diet and Weight Loss Tips

"Diet tips" and "Weight Loss" have been hot keywords for several decades. There are many diet and weight loss plans available, but the successful diet plans contain several key ingredients: portion control, choice, behavioral change and self-management. Let's look at how these key components work in successful weight loss. Read more...

FDA Announces Garden State Recall on Lettuce and Salad Blends

The FDA has announced State Garden's voluntary recall of various brands of salad mixes, lettuce, lettuce blends and spinach products dated from Jan. 4. The lettuce products were found to contain Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria is caused by bacterial organism that infects foods. Listeria is often linked to improper sanitation and cleaning procedures in food-producing factories. State Garden is a Chelsea, MA based corporation and ships salad and lettuce to distributors throughout the eastern states. Read on...

Oscar Night "Best of 2010" Progressive Dinner and Movie Party

For Oscar Night, how about hosting a progressive supper and movie party? A progressive dinner is a multi-course meal in which each course is served at a different home. Our event will include a "best of 2010" movie viewings. Food ideas to match our predictions for 2010 Oscar winners. This article was written for New Year's Day but works for Oscar Night, too. Read on...

Winter Cocktails, Punch Bowl and Mixed Drink Recipes

Who says winter cocktails have to be wintery? Why not warm up the winter nights with festive traditional and non-traditional punch and cocktail recipes? Here are sangria, Wassail bowl, planter's punch, cafe mocha and other fun recipes. Read on...


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