Wineries and Grape Production in the Lake Michigan Regions

Michigan Uncorked: Wineries and Grape Production of Lake Michigan
Everything you always wanted to know about Michigan wines but were afraid to ask! From grape to vinyard, from crush to barrel, from bottle to table, from sip to savor. Not just in at Chateau Montelena or the Napa Valley, Red, white and blue does wine well. From Chardonnay to Pinot, from Sangiovese to Merlot, from Malbec to faux-Bordeaux. Just ask the Judgement of Paris experts! (And check out the adorable wine-lovers film "Bottle Shock" with the delicious Alan Rickman).

Kosher, Vegan Pretzel Recipes for Lent

Pretzels are a religious, lenten symbol and a yummy, low-fat, sugarfree, snack. Here are vegan and vegetarian recipes to enjoy pretzels. Vegan Pretzel Recipes

30+ Diet, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Food Swaps Tips

Weight loss and dieting are top Google search topics. Here are common-sense weight loss tips distilled from nutritionists and health experts. These diet tips will improve health; they are flexible and inexpensive. Recipes, food swaps, nutrition tips, serving sizes, portion control. Read more

DIY Romantic Candlelight Dinner for Two

Can't afford to take your special lady out for an expensive dinner? You can create your own romantic, inexpensive picnic supper. Impress her with intimate food, wine, flowers and dinner that cost you very little. Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, first date, 50th anniversary, anytime. All you need is creativity to spark some passion. Read more


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