Healthy sugar substitute burns fat, revamps weight loss: Sugar 2.0 tastier than Splenda

Look out Splenda, there's a new sugar substitute in town and her name is Sugar 2.0. This natural sweetener is good for you plus burns fat and aids weight loss! Yes you read that correctly, a fat-burning sugar instead of a fat-making one! No don't worry, this isn't your granny's saccharine, NutraSweet, aspartame or any of those fake chemical sweeteners. Sugar 2.0 tastes like real sugar--not that fake, metallic sweet flavor of stevia or Splenda! Dieters and diabetics, rejoice! This miracle sweetener could even end childhood #obesity   Healthy sugar substitute burns fat, revamps weight loss: Sugar 2.0 tastier than Splenda

Boy George weight loss stuns on 'The Voice UK' Culture Club reunion: Learn George O'Dowd's recipes and secrets!

Karma Chameleon" #Boy George really does come and go with the weight. The legendary LGBT glam-punker continues to wow with his impressive weight loss as a mentor on season 5 of "#The Voice UK." Boy George also managed to kick a major drug addiction--no easy feat. Fans will be pleased to learn that Boy George O'Dowd returns in his most popular apparition as the front man for "Culture Club." That pop band will play a one-time performance in London this December. Here are diet tips and weight loss secrets from the iconic singer.   Boy George weight loss stuns on 'The Voice UK' and Culture Club reunion


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