Homemade Frosting and Icing for Cakes: Cream Cheese, Mocha Fudge, Caramel Latte

Homemade Cream Cheese, Caramel Latte and Mocha Fudge Frosting Recipes I'm on a diet. So naturally I'm writing about sweets, desserts and treats recipes. Do you hate canned frosting but lack the time to make your own homemade cake frosting? Try easy cream cheese, caramel latte and mocha fudge frosting recipes. Read More

Hostess Twinkies Minions Cupcakes for Despicable Me Party

Make Despicable Me Minions Party Treats and Favors Using Hostess Twinkies Need ideas for a Despicable Me birthday party theme? How about recipes to make Despicable Me minions from Twinkies? Despicable Me Twinkies Minions Cupcakes

Graduation Cap Candies and Cookies

Graduation Party Mortarboard Hat Cookies and Favors Recipes Sheet cakes for graduation open house parties are very expensive. And pretty though the cake may be, they usually taste like cardboard and sweetened shortening. How about cookies shaped like mortarboard graduation hats instead. Here's the recipe. Read More

Refrigerator Clean Up Leftovers Recipes: Cheesy Salsa Chil

Refrigerator Clean-Up Leftovers Recipes: Cheesy Salsa Chili
I'm a Hollander; we believe that to waste food is a mortal sin. This series of articles, 'Refrigerator Clean-up Leftovers Recipes' features easy, quick nutritious recipes made from leftovers. Today's recipe: 'Waste not, Want not' Cheesy Salsa chili. Read More

Best Inexpensive Cuts of Beef Steak for Grilling

Best and Worst Inexpensive Cuts of Beef Steak for Grilling
Sure we all know that delmonico, porterhouse or t-bone are excellent cuts of beef steak for grilling. But what if you can't afford $10-$20 per pound for meat? What if you like grilled steak but want a more reasonably priced cut?
Read More

Occidental Cafe Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

Occidental Hotel Hot Fudge Ice Cream Topping Recipe: Muskegon, Michigan
In my home town of Muskegon, Michigan there was once a lovely old Victorian hotel with street level shopping called the Occidental Hotel. From the kitchens of this hotel came Occidental Hot Fudge ice cream topping; here's the recipe for this confection.
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Cooking with Peanut Butter: Nutritious Recipes with Peanut Goodness

Healthy, Nutritious Peanut Butter Recipes Since George Washington Carver showed us that we could eat peanuts instead of just using them for animal feed, Americans have formed an obsessive passion for foods with peanut butter. Here healthy, nutritious peanut butter recipes. Read More

Upper Peninsula Cornish Pasty Recipes

How to Make Upper Peninsula Cornish Pasties Pasty is a meat and vegetable pie, encased in crust. Also spelled pastie and referred to as Cornish pasty, this portable meat pie hails from England's Cornwall region and is a cultural food icon of Michigan's upper peninsula. The filling is similar to  Scottish haggis. Here are pasty recipes. Read More

Recipes to Use Up Old Leftover Vegetables

Recipes to Use Up Vegetable Leftovers and Clean the Refrigerator Do leftover vegetables, bits of cut vegetables and vegetables going bad haunt your refrigerator? I'm a Hollander. We believe it's a sin to throw food away. And often vegetables aren't spoiled, only aging. Make hearty, healthy recipes from leftovers.
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Annie's Homegrown Bunny Pasta Mixes Product Review

Annie's Homegrown Totally Natural Organic Bunny Pasta Mixes Annie's Homegrown Totally Natural Bunny Pasta mixes are organic, preservative and additive free, contain no trans-fats and lots of protein. Annie's Homegrown Pasta in quick, easy and come in green, recycled packaging. Annie's taste good, too.
Read More


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