How I Lost 100 Pounds: Sticking to Your Diet At Restaurants

I gained a lot of weight after losing two stillborn babies. Since 2012, I lost 100 pounds. Left is August 2014 and right photo is December 2012 (when I had already started to lose).

As you might imagine, I get asked a lot how I lost weight. So, I write diet tips and recipes to answer that question. Today's topic is eating in restaurants. Now restaurant food can spell diet disaster. Restaurant food is higher in salt, fat and sugar. Portions are bigger than recommended. But eating out is so common. Ironically (or not) overweight/obese people tend to eat out more. Don't get me wrong. I love going out to eat. But it's important, if you want (need) to lose weight, to learn how to eat in restaurants and stick to the diet.  How I Lost 100 Pounds: Diet Restaurant Guide to Lose Weight


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