Super Easy, Inexpensive, Kid-friendly Leftover Use-Up, One Pot Meals

Super Easy, Cheap, Kid-friendly Leftover Useup, One Pot Meals I'll admit it: I'm a cookbook addict. I love to peruse the pages looking for new ways with food. One thing I've noticed is that too many cookbooks are limited. Busy families need meals that don't require multiple steps or that dirty a sink full of pans. These recipes are nutritious meals that can be made while helping a child with spelling words or nursing a baby. Ingredients are inexpensive. With my recipes, you'll never have to make a special trip. They are adaptable to what's on hand. Using these recipes you'll use up leftovers, plus have enough for a second night. If you line baking dishes with heavy foil, you can freeze food, remove pre-wrapped in foil and store. Click here to read more...

Recipes to Celebrate Hindu Diwali

Recipes to Celebrate Hindu Diwali Diwali is the Hindu 'festival of lights'. Diwali is celebrated for five days and includes much feasting. Sweets are an important part of the Diwali festival. Neighbors exchanges sweets and treats. Here is a compilation of best Diwali recipes. Other religions that observe Diwali, also called Divali and Deepavali are Jainism and Sikhism. All those who celebrate Diwali insist that the festival isn't complete without the feasting, especially with sweets or 'Mithai', so here are sources of Diwali recipes. Reading about these treats makes me wish to visit Bali and maybe get invited to participate in a Diwali festival! Read on...


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