Fair Trade Coffee: Higher Grounds

Jesus said, 'pay the worker the wage he is due. Do not cheat him out of his fair wage.' Every time I enjoy a cup of coffee lately, I feel a pricking of conscience. Is the coffee that I am enjoying grown under green conditions? Is it renewing or stripping the land? And most importantly, are the coffee plantation harvesters earning a fair wage? Are workers families thriving? Or as is more common, are the workers putting blood, sweat and tears into a job that does not sustain their families? Higher Grounds Coffee Company is a fair trade, shade-grown organic coffee that I drink and feel good about drinking. Read more...

Healthy Summer Grilling: Nitrite and Nitrate Free Sausages and Deli Lunchmeats

am admittedly an omnivore. I admire vegetarians and wish I had the self-discipline to follow a vegetarian diet. But while I do eat meat, I'm concerned that it should be healthier meat. One of the unhealthy ingredients in processed meats like sausage and lunchmeat is sodium nitrate or nitrites. These preservatives are found in commercially cured meats. The good news is that there are several brands of nitrate and nitrite free sausages and lunchmeats available at your local grocery store. Al Fresco and Hormel Natural Choice. Read on...

Vegan Recipe: War Cake

Vegan Cake Recipe: War Cake
During WWII, foods were rationed: eggs, milk, sugar and other items. Vegans do not eat these foods, so what better recipes for vegans than recipes from WWII? Here is my grandmother's famous 'war cake' recipe.I've tweaked the recipe only to remove 'lard' or 'shortening' from the ingredients list and replace with olive oil. If you want to make an authentic war cake, use shortening as olive oil would have been impossible to find and probably boycotted as we were at war with Italy.
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Bucket Culinary Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Easy, Green Earth Day GardensI have a love affair with herbs and fresh produce. Do you love to garden but find yourself cursed with poor soil? Or maybe you're an apartment dwelling green thumbs? Do not abandon hope; You can have a flourishing garden right on your patio or deck with bucket gardening!
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