Healthy Catholic Lenten Fish Fasts, Cooking Tips, Recipes

Mardi Gras is a Catholic festival season that culminates on Fat Tuesday and takes the faithful into Ash Wednesday and the penitential season of Lent, explains the Washington Post. Everyone, Catholic or not, should quit feasting on Fat Tuesday and fast for Lent. Are you thinking, how dare she push her religion on me? Don't worry, I'm not suggesting everyone should have to fast. I'm just sharing from personal experience how beneficial a Lenten fast can be. Here are tips to practice a healthy fast.  Everyone, Catholic or Not, Should Fast for Lent

Fruit, Vegetable Switches to Cut Calories, Lose Weight

In dieting, it's important to eat fruits and vegetables. But fruits and veggies aren't created equal. Some impact weight loss and gain more than others. In my diet journey, I'm looking for the most nutritional bang for my caloric investment. I also need foods that satisfy hunger. Here are fruit and vegetable food swaps to cut calories, curb hunger, speed weight loss and improve health. Fruit Swaps, Vegetable Switches for Weight Loss

Healthy Cooking Cheats for Crazy-busy Parents

Mealtimes present a dilemma for me: I want the kids to enjoy hot, hearty, healthy meals, but I generally lack adequate time to cook. If you're a crazy-busy parent who values nutritious meals, you need shortcuts to "get-er-done" fast. Here are cooking cheats from a 24-year veteran mom of four. Tailor recipe sizes to family need. These meals are easy on the budget as well. Nutritious Meal Shortcuts for Busy Families

Foods from Around the World for Social Studies

Planning an 'Around the World' theme for your school, church, VBS, scout troop, camp, library, 4H or community group? Need some quick, easy inexpensive food ideas? Most all of these foods are available where you would normally shop. You will not need to make a special trip to an ethnic deli. Take a world tour right in your kitchen! Read more


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