Homemade Curry Powder

How to Create Your Own Signature Curry Powder Blend Curry dishes exude the luxurious and exotic aromas of an Indian spice market - sweet, warm, spicy and savory. Making your own curry powder blend allows you to add your own flair to meals. This recipe comes to us thanks to chef Angie Leamon Mohr at Associated Content.
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Patriotic Labor Alcoholic Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Patriotic Labor Day Cocktails and Fun Alcoholic Beverage Recipes
Celebrate 25 years of memories with these recipes from the our past. Some are our own brainchildren and others from festive occasions of yesteryear. Ein prosit!
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Olive Garden Soup and Salad Lunch Buffet

Olive Garden Soup and Salad Lunch Specials I'm a hybrid of Lady Greenwise and Penny Pincher; under these auspices, I have a yen for healthy food and good bargains. Here's a solution that works: Olive Garden's lunch all-you-can-eat soup, salad and breadsticks for $6.95. Read on...

25 Diet Tips for Dining in Restaurants

25 Ways to Eat Healthy and Stick to Your Diet at Restaurants
Theoretically, health conscious people or dieters shouldn't dine at restaurants. Practically, most everyone does. How does can you eat healthy or maintain your diet at restaurants? Here are 25 easy, sensible tips. Read on...

Diet and Health Disaster: Restaurant Food

Restaurants: A Health Conscious Dieter's Worst Enemy
Dining out has always been a recipe for health and dieting disaster. If you're trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy eating habits, dining in restaurants can be your worst enemy.
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Labor Day Grill Recipes: Meat, Vegetable,Vegan

Grill Recipes for Labor Day
Labor Day is the Great Grill Holiday. Here are some easy recipes for grilling a delicious beef, chicken, fish, vegetable and vegan entree. Get your apron, grill mitts and grill fork ready for an awesome Labor Day feast!
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Vegan Marinades, Bread Dipping Sauce and Salad Dressing

Healthy, Delicious Sauces, Salad Dressing and Marinade Recipes
Need sauce, marinade, salad dressing or bread dipping sauce recipes? Here are healthy, delicious recipes, using healthier oils, herbs and spices. Use for meats and vegetables for grilling and kebabs. Several vegan recipes.
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