Ballooning Restaurant Portion Sizes Should Scare Us All

When I first started dieting, I was shocked at the difference between recommended portion sizes and the amount I was calling a portion. So I'm not surprised to learn that portion sizes in restaurants have quadrupled since the 1950s. I am alarmed, however. We all should be.

A new infographic from Making Health Easier (a resource of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) shows just how portion sizes at restaurants are expanding. It also shows that it's time to get serious about this over-eating epidemic. Portion sizes that used to feed a family now feed one person. And with escalating portion sizes, come astronomical sodium and fat counts. Quantity does not mean quality when it comes to most of the food we consume, either. No wonder obesity is the new leading killer. Ballooning Restaurant Portion Sizes Should Scare Us All 


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