Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms--Hunting Morels, Cooking Fungi

I am a mushroom lover. Not Psilocybin "Magic" shrooms--I'm speaking of the the edible and medicinal kinds. I love portobello, truffle, reishi, shiitake, white and of course, morels. May in Michigan is morel mushroom season. And with all this rain the morels are out in force.

Mushrooms have a cult following and for good reason. They're the only plant source of vitamin D, says Mushroom Info. No variety of vegetable contains naturally-occurring vitamin D.  Vitamin D is crucial for thyroid functioning. This makes mushrooms popular on the health-conscious diner's plate. And mushrooms are just so dad-gum tasty! The French  mirepoix is onion, carrots and celery (with a green pepper slant in Cajun cooking). For me, mushrooms, onions and garlic make up the holy trinity. Leeks, shallots and peppers are lesser deities.

Mushroom is a generic name for gilled fungi. Fungi are not plants, they are spores. They do not need light; in fact, they grow best in dark, dank areas. The white button mushroom is a member of the agraricus bisporus family. Read on May Means Morel Mushrooms in Michigan.


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