Tuna and Fish Recipes from The Lenten Kitchen, Perfect for Chinese New Year

The Lenten Kitchen: Vegetarian Tuna Recipes Chinese New Year begins Jan. 23, 2012. What better recipes for "Year of the Dragon" than fish, sushi and tuna? Fish is the food of choice for the Catholic season of lent which starts Feb. 22, 2012.

This year, my husband and I are working toward a Mediterranean diet: fish, little meat, local and fresh vegetables, more wheat-free grains, fiber and better dairy, like yogurt and cottage cheese. He has cholesterol problems and I'm trying to lose weight. There's just one problem with tuna: I love it but he HATES it.

Tuna is loaded with protein and Omega-3 oils and low-fat. In these recipes, we concentrate on preparing delicious tuna recipes that will appeal to everyone. One of the biggest complaints leveled at tuna, is that it tastes and smells so 'fishy'. The best way to avoid the fishier smelling canned tuna is to choose 'solid white albacore' tuna packed in water. This style of tuna is slightly more expensive than chunk light, but it's nutritionally better and doesn't smell like cat food. Another tip is to cook fish or tuna with lemon or lime. Citrus is great for cutting that fishy taste and smell.  Click for more recipes and tips...


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