Low Calorie Sweet Potato Tacos

I can officially say I have lost 80 pounds. What a task but well worth it. Now just 25 more to go. The road to weight loss "is long, with many a winding turn." (Thank you, Hollies). But I cannot begin to express to you how worth it the dieting has been. So every day, I am sharing with you a how-I-did-it diet recipe of the day to help if you are overweight (or cook for someone who is). Most of my recipes feature food swaps, substitutes and switches to enjoy the same meal as the family but reduce fat, sodium and calories. Today's treat: Lowfat Low Calorie Yum-Yum Sweet Potato Tacos. I couldn't find a picture so until I do, you'll have to look at me.   Diet Recipe of the Day Low Calorie, Yum-Yum Sweet Potato Tacos


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