Low Calorie, Low-Fat Veggie-Based Entree Recipes

I'm dieting to lose 100 pounds. It's a journey, but I'm down almost 80
pounds. Along the way, I've created and tweaked recipes to subtract calories and fat and add superfoods (fruit, vegetables, lean meat, alternative protein). Here are homemade low-cal, low-fat entrees that are cheap and quick.

Super Slimming Sweet and Sour Scramble: Heat olive oil (one teaspoon per serving). Dice and saute your favorite lean meat, diced. Chicken breast is lowest in calories with 100 per 4-ounce serving. Or or use fish: salmon, cod, pollock or yellow fin tuna steaks. Or try tofu or miso for a vegetarian option. Add diced sweet potatoes, onions, multi-colored peppers, purple cabbage, leeks, pea pods and broccoli. Season with celery seed, garlic, Bragg's Liquid Amino (healthy soy sauce alternative), lemon juice, red pepper and ginger. Cook just till meat is done. Add a cup of orange or apple juice and pineapple bits.  Low Calorie, Low-Fat Superfood Entree Recipes, Cheap and Easy


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