Healthy brunch recipes to use up leftover stale bread, holiday leftovers

Hosting a New Year's Day brunch? The last thing you need, after the spending extravaganza that was Christmas, is something more to spend money on. New Year's Day is the time for resolutions to cut back. So how about recipes to use up holiday leftovers, particularly stale bread, rolls, muffins and baked goods. Don't pitch stale bread. Put leftover stale bread in a bag in the fridge (separate sweet bread from savory). Gather up holiday leftovers of meat, sausage, cheese, dried fruit, nuts and eggs (don't forget the separated egg yolks and whites leftover from recipes). Use up leftover vegetables from veggies trays and holiday cooking (bits of onion, green pepper, mushrooms, etc.). When you have enough. repurpose holiday leftovers in yummy recipes that use up leftover stale bread so it doesn't go to waste. Remember these use up recipes won't have exact measurements and maybe not even specific ingredients. It all depends on what leftovers you have and how much you have leftover.  Healthy brunch recipes to use up leftover stale bread, holiday leftovers |


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