Memorial Day Picnic Foods, Holiday BBQ, Grill Recipes for Dieters

I've been seriously dieting since last fall. Staying the weight loss course was easier in winter. But summer is my nemesis. 4th of July BBQs, beach picnics, holiday grill outs, Memorial Day parties--these can spell diet disaster. Here are diet grill recipes, low calorie picnic foods and summer weight loss tips.

* Eat a snack beforehand. If you're hosting a party or going to one, eat a light, filling snack: turkey or tuna sandwich (two slices light bread, 70 calories, 2 ounces of meat, 50 calories, lots of fresh vegetables, 20 calories light cream cheese). Or have make a peanut butter sandwich. Save enough calories so you can enjoy some of the foods, but don't arrive starved. Take two green tea, African mango, acai tablets to curb hunger pangs.   Memorial Day Picnic Foods, Holiday BBQ, Grill Recipes for Dieters

Patriotic Foods, Red-White-and-Blue Recipes for Memorial Day Parties

I love party planning, particularly the cheap, homemade kind. I'm not much for generic or commercial. My fetes are purely DIY. Themed food improvs are my magnum opus. For Memorial Day, how about creative patriotic foods and red-white-and-blue recipes? Here's an appetizer-to-dessert menu.  Patriotic Foods, Red-White-and-Blue Recipes for Memorial Day Parties

Diet Superfood Entrees, Recipes, Easy and Cheap

I'm dieting to lose 100 pounds. It's a journey, but I'm down 71 pounds. Along the way, I've created and tweaked recipes to subtract calories and fat and add superfoods (fruit, vegetables, lean meat, alternative protein). Here are homemade low-cal, low-fat entrees that are cheap and quick.

High Energy, Low-Calorie, Vitamin-Rich Taste-Good Diet Snacks

 I'm in the home stretch in to lose 100 pounds. With 30 pounds left, I've gotten my eating down to a system. And then I go and bring home a caramel-coated Dutch apple pie for the family. It taste like ambrosia (I had a tiny bite). But that one bite has about 40 calories. Even smelling it probably puts on pounds! For times like this I need an emergency snack survival kit. Here are filling, satisfying, low-calorie, high protein treats to tame sweet cravings and help avoid temptation. Read moreHigh Energy, Low-Calorie, Vitamin-Rich Taste-Good Diet Snacks


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